Greene Countrie Institute is focused on:  “Helping Schools Recruit, Enroll And Graduate More Students Off Their Lead Flow.”

Dear School Directors;

  • Are Your Lead Sources Producing Enough Quality Prospects & Enrolled Students?
  • Do You Need To Increase Your Enrollments?
  • Do You Have Empty Seats You Need To Fill Because You Are Not Able To Enroll Enough Students Profitable?
  • Do You Need To Find More Qualified Cosigners?
  • Is Your Retention Rate Hurting Your School’s Graduation & Profitability?
  • Do You Need To Hire More Qualified Admission Representatives?

I Guarantee I Can Help You Grow Your School’s Enrollments, Graduates And Profits & I’ll Work With You Initially For FREE.

Our goal during the two-week trial session is to help you identify where the greatest growth areas in your school are, as well as start to develop an action plan for increasing your recruits, enrollments & profits.

Learn How It Works, And How To Get Started.

Jim is an extremely insightful professional who greatly assisted me with strategic planning on a business venture - providing keen perspectives for the business plan such as corporate structure, profitability modeling and effective marketing concepts.
Greg Pendell,President & General Manager
FHOX Systems LLC
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